Avocet Aviation Services, LLC

Avocet Aviation Services, LLC

Avocet Aviation Services Quality Aircraft Maintenance at Competitive Prices in a Centralized Location


Avocet Aviation Services, conveniently located at the Orlando- Sanford Airport, is an aircraft maintenance..read more

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Since 1989, our team has worked to provide a variety of maintenance solutions to the aviation industry...read more


Avocet Aviation Services is dedicated to providing our clients with a wide array of aviation solutions...read more


Avocet works to reduce our impact on the environment and take part in the global solution to reduce the threats...read more

What We Do? Professional Aircraft and Engine Maintenance Specialists

  • Heavy Maintenance

    Avocet is equipped to perform a variety of heavy maintenance services.

  • Line Maintenance

    We invest in the best aircraft tooling, equipment, and technical data

  • Engines Services

    Offering an array of engine services, for greatest performance and cost effectiveness.

  • Aircraft Storage & Preservation

    Professional Storage and Preservation service Specialists

  • Transition services

    Avocet offers transition services for newly purchased and recently sold aircraft.

  • Aircraft Disassembly

    Our component removal tag is among the most thorough of its kind in the aviation industry.

Avocet Aviation Services


Avocet Aviation Services
  • With each teardown, our clients receive a digitally formatted list of all components removed from the aircraft.
  • Tracing is easily established, as removal records are provided, including all relevant information.
  • Lists include work order number, aircraft data, and component information; making the tracking, loading, and sorting of data accurate and simple for our clients.
  • The data can be provided in a number of different file extensions, simplifying the data integration processes. 


Avocet Aviation Services
  • Avocet offers transition services for newly purchased and recently sold aircraft.
  • We offer an efficient routine maintenance service that repurposes the aircraft for new assignments, from small modifications to transitioning from passenger to cargo functionalities.
  • For more information about available transition services, please contact us at (407) 587-6201 or info@avocet.aero.

Avocet Aviation ServicesFull service professional aircraft maintenance service provider

Avocet Aviation

With decades of experience in direct MRO and technical operations, Avocet has cemented itself as a competent and dependable entity


For over 20 years, Avocet’s team has provided world-class FAA/EASA authorized MRO operations


Avocet Aviation Services, conveniently located at the Orlando- Sanford Airport & is an aircraft maintenance provider


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  •   2551 Hellcat Lane,
      Sanford, FL 32773
  •   (407) 585-6201
  •   (407) 585-6217
  • info@avocet.aero