Avocet MRO Services is central Florida-based aircraft maintenance services provider offering best in class services and capabilities. For over 25 years, our team has created a reputation for consistent and on-budget service that delivers positive results for clients and end-users that exceed industry standards. Our unique transition and lease return services represent an area of industry specialization and need that large MROs are less equipped to handle. Other specializations include engine services and aircraft disassembly.

We are dynamic and entirely focused on quality, support and solutions therefore having the ability to also service aircraft leasing companies and asset managers who need to lease, transition or disassemble aircraft without compromising asset value or turn-around time.

Our customer service approach and flexibility is backed by decades of experience positioning us as a true leader and innovator. Avocet is an FAA and EASA certified MRO provider located in Florida, at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport and Lakeland Linder Regional Airport.

AVOCET Orlando-based aircraft maintenance services provider