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AAS Obtains Venezuelan INAC Certification OMAC-E # 593

AAS Obtains Venezuelan INAC Certification OMAC-E # 593

JAN 31, 2016

Avocet has obtained agency approval from the Venezuelan Aviation Authority “INAC” for its aircraft maintenance operations. The Venezuelan Instituto Nacional de Aviacion Civil (INAC) granted Avocet its certification as an INAC approved OMAC-E after successfully completing the certification process.

The new INAC certification allows AAS to carry out many services within the INAC aviation authority such as, regulatory exporting and importing of aircraft, engines and appliances, aircraft conformities, heavy maintenance and modification approvals as well as work on Venezuelan registered aircraft in any part of the region. Avocet’s management is very pleased with the new opportunity to offer its heavy maintenance services to aircraft operators under the Venezuelan registry.This added certification allows AAS to continue to develop its presence as a major aircraft services provider in the Americas.

For more information contact our main office at: Tel. (407)-585-6201